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A WordPress Boutique

We LOVE WordPress because it’s super flexible. Most importantly, it’s an easy CMS for those who want do-it-yourself maintenance. We use acclaimed tools that result in a clean, sleek and bug-free website.

"Our websites are more than just handsome–
they work hard too."

Our Chief Coder and IT wizard is a recent grad of a Montreal bootcamp. She’s learned everything from the school of hardknox and Google.

Moira Picard, IT Developer

Our Team

Our Chief Emoji Officer started Red Cliff Communications in 2005, when he noticed that most companies had to level up to compete in the the digital world. Keith has a background in both graphic design, web development and collecting Pokémons.

Keith Bao, Graphic Designer and Owner 😁

Our Chief Website Designer and Fractional CMO has been building websites from the ground up for decades. Brette first started working with the internet back in the day of the dinosaurs and moved her way up into different technologies. When WordPress was created, her life changed for the good.

Brette also has extensive experience in cultural branding and getting start-ups the recognition that they need. Her ultra ego is a serial entrepreneur.

Brette Bao, CMO & Web Developer & Data Scraper


Learn more about our process.


1. Research

We start things off with a deep data analysis on your Analytics, SEO, competitors, and keywords. For start-ups, we’ll need your elevator pitch, client persona and product description.

2. Sitemap & Information Architecture

We create a strategic user journey for your website. This sitemap is the overall structure of your site— what content you need and where it all goes.

3. UX & Prototyping

Then, we build out a working framework that allows you to explore each page structure, test out the navigation, and add in additional functionality.

4. Design & Content

This is the longest stage. Once the site’s layout and functionality are decided, we then create the themework: typography, colours, copy and the visuals. Through psychology and creative design, the website will tell your story. While working together, we offer expert copywriting, image support, and SEO.

5. Website Launch

We give you a working website on a private URL for testing. During this stage, we focus on fine tuning the design, copy, responsiveness and squashing bugs. Once everything is approved, it’s time for rocket launch!

6. Training & Questions

This is where we hand over full rocket control. We delve into the backend, teaching you the basics of each tool, where to find the content, and maintenance updates. Each website we launch comes with our 90-day full website support.

SEO & Maintenance

We don’t leave you hanging. If you want us to do all of the updates, maintenance and optimizations– please let us know. We provide a custom service depending on the size and functionality of your website for a monthly fee.

Red Cliff differs from our competition in these ways:

1) We scrape the numbers on pertinent information. For example your client persona, product niche, and competitors. The data affects the direction we take.

2) We develop functional custom websites from scratch. After all, the main reason people head online is to find information or to give information. We design websites that work for you.

3) A unique perspective. The psychology of branding and the story behind it, is only as good as the concept. We’re a collaborative group of innovative thinkers.

Please find our starting prices on our Services page. Visit our Website Maintenance page for website services.

Yes! Whether you’re looking for a SEO or copywriting makeover, we can help you with a singular service. Please contact us for a FREE 30-minute audit of your current website. 

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