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Starting prices are listed. Please contact us about your project for an accurate quote. 


  • Brand Audit & Starter Kit $8000+

    A strong branding with a tagline, colours, logo, target market and more.

  • Competitor Research $5000+

    A deep dive in content, reviews, Google Trends and whatever the scoop is.

  • Target Market Research $5000+

    Customer personas, preferences and the best niche for your product.

Website + Apps

  • Website $15,000+

    A saavy website for your online presence.

  • Functional Website $20,000+

    Websites that do the administrative stuff for you.

  • E Commerce $15,000+

    Sell online using Woo-Commerce.

  • Mobile App $40,000+

    IOS, Android and always tablet friendly.


  • Blog Posts $500+

    Give us the title and we'll do the research and the writing.

  • Newsletters $500+

    Send us a contact list and we'll write love letters to their inboxes.

  • Copywriting $2000+

    We take care of the H1 header stuff and write actionable copy.

digital marketing

  • Email Marketing $2000+

    Need some ideas on how to collect emails?

  • SEO Audit $2000+

    Get a basic report with recommendations for better search.

  • Google Ads $5000+

    Ads that show up where your target market is.

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